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SNJ Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers’ like ESSEMTEC/Switzerland, SWPC/Israel, GETECH/Singapore, KOKI/Japan, HEXI/China, DENON/Japan, GENITEC/Taiwan etc. representatives of this territory to provide specialized SMT in Korea. We have become the "One-Stop SMT" equipment company for hundreds of value-concerned customers worldwide.
We guarantee every piece of equipment we sell as fully functional per manufacturers' specifications. Since 1998, SNJ promises our customers to be World No. 1 with us.

We are handling related PCB & SMT machines and sub-materials with consulting & technical training. Our president worked for Centra Corporation (Qualmax) as a manager of sales and technique under Siemens, MPM, Cam/ a lot, Vitronics, KIC also semi-conductor companies like Nas Elec, EPO-Tek, Palomar.

He was also manager of PCB production and assembly (IMC,SMT) at Korea Computer(Korea Tronics) for 13 years. Please join us! By joining, you can communicate with like-minded people interested in exploring ideas. Joining is free; just click the "Customer Center” button at the top of the page, and click "Free board" in the page.

We are looking forward to being one of your business partners in the near future.

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